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Here's a little about us:

Following an extensive career in the excavation and civil project industry, Timothy (Tim) Thompson founded TKT Contracting Ltd. in March 1998. The establishment of the company was, and continues to be for the purpose of providing excellent customer service by professional and committed personnel. To this end, we provide estimates for particular projects in a detailed and understandable manner with realistic completion dates. When favored with contracts, we work diligently to ensure completion in a timely and efficient manner while always carrying out our work in a competitive and collaborative way.

We have varied inventory of equipment for the scope of work that we perform. This inventory includes Excavators, Dump Trucks, and Loaders. We are also prepared to make any additions that might be required for specific circumstances.

We would be pleased to provide references and contacts who could provide you with an honest opinion of our capabilities and a description of projects carried out on their behalf.

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